Thursday, November 1, 2007

Comics This Week

Action Comics 858 - Action Comics is kicking ass! Hot off of Eric Powell's super excellent Bizarro 3 parter, we're treated to Gray Franks excellent work with a Superman/Legion of Super-Heroes team up. Bar far the best comic book of the week. Love that they've returned to the pre-crisis idea that young Superman (Superboy) had adventures with the Legion. Yay! Finally that horrible mistake has been corrected. Cheers! Best of the Week!

X-men: Messiah Complex - A pretty disappointing start to what's billed as the biggest X-men event in a decade. It's got a $3.99! cover price but 10+ pages are ads for the series, so the actual content is pretty much normal length. I'm kicking myself for having paid an extra buck to look at some ads. Perhaps the story will improve, so I'm holding off judgement on Brubakers writing. I really am not a fan of the sharp angles of Silvestri's artwork. Then there's a mostly confusing array of villains here. Not sure who all those people are. But that's rather on par with much of Marvels product lately. Confusing and hard to follow. And that's coming from someone who's read X-men for the best part of 30 some years. Stinks!

New X-men 43 - I'm a fairly new reader to this title, and it's got a lot of charactors to follow. I started reading this when Skottie Young picked up the art chores. He's going a pretty good job here. I've maybe read four or five issues of this title, and I'm still confused with about what's going on. I thought they were bringing Magik back. Guess not. Great Art.

DC Infinite Halloween Special - 13 stories here in a extra size comic. Mostly surprisingly good and entertaining stories featuring DC heroes and villains. Seems kind of odd they didn't use Cain and Abel (from House of Mystery/House of Secrets) or the 3 witches (from the Witching Hour) or the Spectre. Deadman shows up which was a nice treat. And I think one story had the Phantom Stranger tho he looked very different. Some great art here. Loved the art on the Zatanna story. Pretty good fun.

Supergirl and the Legion of Super-Heroes 35 - This one is so-so. Improves over the previous issue, but I'm looking forward to the new creative team on this title. This title so far has not been my favorite incarnation of the Legion. I'm very glad Supergirl is with the Legion again. Now if they'd only bring back Superboy and the Legion as well. It's OK.

Countdown to Mystery 2 - This title I'm enjoying very much. I'm liking the new Dr. Fate and the back up story with Eclipso is pretty good so far. I'm very glad the Spectre is getting some attention. I really love the art by Stephen Jorge Segovia. I don't like that Plastic Man hit his kid and has become a criminal. I'd really like to see Segovia do a Spectre series. It's Good.

(Tales of the) Fear Agent 16 - I'm a pretty big Fear Agent fan. This issue is a one shot and it was pretty decent. It's OK.

Justice Society of America 10 - I'm really digging this series so far at least story wise. Tho, I'd prefer that they had a better artist. Would love to see Peter Snejbjerg here. It's Good.

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