Friday, November 9, 2007

Comics This Week

Lobster Johnson 3 - Having been a bit disappointed by the current BPRD and Hellboy books, I turned to Lobster Johnson and it's been a awesome ride so far. Pitch perfect pulp goodness in story and art. Earns my Cheers! Best of the Week!

Metal Men 4 - Although I've been a bit confused at times with this books plotting, the beautiful Steampunk inspired artwork by Duncan Rouleau has won me over completely. It seems to be a gem of a reboot that will only read better as a collected edition. I think this is one of my current favorites. Excellence!

Supergirl 23 - OK, I've always been a big Supergirl fan. This title is finally improving. I really didn't like the first several story (by Jeph Loeb and Joe Kelly) arcs or the artwork. The new creative team (Puckett/Johnson) however looks to be a good match for Supergirl. And while I was scratching my head at the ending, am looking forward to reading more. Good fun!

Uncanny X-men 492 - The plot creeps along in this part two of the drab-colored Messiah Complex. Lots of talking heads and some fighting. Billy Tan can draw muscles really well, but lacks dynamic composition for the most part. Colossus looks pretty cool and nice to have Angel in a X-book. Storm is on the cover but not in the book. What's up with that? Yeah, I'm an X-men fan from way back, but they have mostly disappointed me since Joe Mad's run on Uncanny or Grant Morrison's New X-men. Yawn, Ho-hum.

Iron Man, Enter: the Mandarin 3 - I'm rather enjoying this title set in Iron Man's earlier days. I like that Iron Man has his pointy helmet, and the plot is pulpy fun. Would love to see more new books from Marvel set in the Silver/Bronze age days. Be a great way to bring back the classic Avengers that I'm missing so much. Good fun!

Astonishing X-men 23
- This book has been coming out so slowly I forget what's happened previously, so it might work better as a collected edition. It sure does seem like this current Breakworld story has been going on for years and years. Pretty to look at though. Ah, it's OK.

Illuminati (New Avengers) Secret Invasion/The Infiltration 5 - Jeez, the title is about as long as the plot. And apparently is kicking off yet another big event. Groan. While I'm so not a fan of the whole 'New Avengers' thing (gimme the classic Avengers, please!) I have to admit this creative team handles the task they've been given nicely. I just wish the talented artist Cheung would return to doing the Young Avengers, a title I miss and hope that continues at some point. Ah, it's OK.

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