Thursday, November 15, 2007

Comics This Week

All Star Superman 9 - More sublime perfection in story, art and color. It's all a wining formula that DC really ought to copy across their product company wide. This book is the antidote for everything that ails current comic books. Love that Superman is really smart; an aspect that's forgotten in most Superman books. A sharp contrast to Frank Miller's dreadful All Star Batman. Cheers! Best of the Week!

Wonder Woman 14 - My impulse purchase this week, because I really like Terry and Rachel Dodson's artwork. I have not been following this title, and am a bit confused about some story elements from proceeding issues. However, I like that Wonder Woman has her secret identity of Diana Prince again; and that she is not super powered when she's Diana Prince. Plus it has talking monkeys. Pretty good.

Titans East Special 1 - This is a prolog to the new Titans monthly. While it was kind of cool to see the classic New Teen Titans have an adventure in the first 15 pages of this book, it was kind of an odd and almost disturbing revisioning. (Mostly due to the awful artwork by Ian Churchill.) I'm always suspicious of books that have "Who Will Die?" on the cover and this book solidifies that belief. The remaining story kills off characters that should have been killed off long ago (there's a Little Barda?), to set up the start of the Titans book. I'm not sure why some plot device could not be invented that brings back the classic New Teen Titans (down to Dick Grayson as Robin or at least a version of Red Robin, ala Kingdom Come and Wonder Girl in her red uniform). Isn't that what most fans want? Maybe Titans will improve, but this one Stinks!

World War Hulk 5 - This story line seems like it's been going on forever, but it comes to a mostly satisfying conclusion. Although Marvel did pass up the perfect chance to kill off the horrible Sentry. I was really rooting for the Sentry dieing. Not that I want to see the Hulk as a killer, I like him as the noble monster. I just don't see the need for the Sentry, Thor is back. :) Pretty good.

World of Warcraft 1 - As a Warcraft fan I've been looking forward to this one. It somehow felt rather slim, but seems to be a good start. Am looking forward to reading more. Pretty Good.

Thor 4 - OK, I have mixed feelings about this title. I try to steer clear of comics written by Straczynski, but this is drawn by one of Marvel's best artists Oliver Coipel. I'm glad Thor is back and I dig his updated uniform. I think I like it even better than his original look. The overall story is proceeding at a glacial pace, but it sure looks great. It's OK.

Captain Marvel 1 - Mixed feelings on this one as well. I like that Captain Marvel is back; it was dumb to kill him off in the first place. Lee Weeks art is solid, but the story is odd in a couple of ways. We see Captain Marvel in action at two points in the story. In the first, he basically kills off a villain and then he destroys the Iron Giant. I don't like heroes as killers, so that was distasteful, and isn't the Iron Giant someone else's property? I wanted to like this, but I think it Stinks!

Green Arrow and Black Canary 2 - I totally love the artwork of Cliff Chiang and he's one of my favorite artists. While I was not a reader of the previous Green Arrow series, I've hopped on board this title with ease, and am quite enjoying the ride. It's shaping up to be one of my current favorites. Excellence!

Outer Orbit
- This is a collected edition of a four part series. It's a humorous SciFi adventure that's very enjoyable. Nicely plotted and illustrated silly fun. I would love to see more Quinn and Krunk. Dark Horse, please make more of this series! Highly Recommended.

X-Factor 25, which continues the disappointing Messiah Complex, looked so drab and dreadful I didn't pick it up. Still not reading Countdown. It still looks to be too big of a commitment for too little pay off. Crossover burn out? You bet! Am looking forward to reading Moore and O'Neills League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Black Dossier, but will wait for the paperback edition.

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