Friday, November 30, 2007

Comics This Week

Fear Agent 17 - Heath Hudson and his supporting cast return to the present-storyline after the 4-part flashback origin-storyline. The origin-storyline had a shocking revelation that added unexpected depth to Heath's character, but this first part of a new arc muscles it's way back to the hairy, bare-chested, manly pulp SciFi adventure makes this series so great. If you like SciFi and comics you really ought to be reading this. Cheers! It's the Best of the Week!

Madman Atomics Comics 5 - I'm a big fan of Mike Allred's super hero stuff and have been a fan of Madman from the get go. I wasn't sure about the way this story line was getting started, but it's all coming together now and I'm very glad I stuck with it. I love this book. Excellence!

X-men 205 (Messiah Complex part 5) - I've been fairly disappointed so far with the Messiah Complex, but I actually really enjoyed this issue. I think writer Mike Carey and artist Chris Bachalo make a interesting team, and they are doing a solid job with the task they've been given. Bachalo's art has never looked better and his sequential form is solid here (I'm usually confused by at least a few of his panels). The Finch covers look awful and don't completely seem to match the contents, ie Rogue is on the cover but not inside. C'mon you editors! Earn that paycheck. An improvement overall and it approaches Excellence!

Green Lantern Corps 18
- This is the Sinestro Corps War part 10 and it's feeling totally padded out and long in the tooth. This story has gone on way to long. Not much happens here other than Ion (whatever that is) battling Superman Prime (is there a Superman Prime as well as Superboy Prime?) I'm getting confused. Not even sure what Ion is exactly, and I've read all of this current Green Lantern series. Another nice example of poor editing. Pretty much this one Stinks!

Supergirl and the Legion of Super-Heroes 36 - Bah, a fairly feeble storyline ends, but I'm looking forward to the new creative team on the next issue. Stinks!

Teen Titans 53 - What would comics do without time travel storylines? Sometimes they work, but time travel mostly gives me a headache. Parts of this one I found a bit confusing but I went with the flow, mostly cuz I like Miss Martian a whole lot. Of the new characters in comics this past year or so, I'm really digging Miss Martian and the Mighty Avengers, Ares. I'm still not sure I like this line-up of Titans; Ravenger is annoying and they have 3 super-strong flying invulnerable girls (Supergirl, Wonder Girl 2 and Miss Martian). Not as successful as the storyline that introduced the evil Titans from future, but It's OK.

Superman/Batman 43 - My impulse buy of the week and was fairly entertained by it cuz it works pretty well as a single issue story. It felt a bit skimpy because its loaded with 3 and 4 panel pages (3 and 4 panel pages usually make me feel slighted - c'mon I'm paying $3 and expect a bit more packed in page). But the story and art is decent so It's OK.

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