Thursday, December 6, 2007

Comic Book Reviews This Week

Justice League of America 15 - Not really a very satisfying week in comics, this one is pretty good, even tho it reads almost like a condensed version of Alex Ross' Justice series. This is a fun series that's solidly entertaining, and it get my Cheers! Best of the Week!

Uncanny X-men 493 - (Messiah Complex Chapter 6) I'd hoped that this crossover event was improving based on the last couple of issues, but this one is dreadful. More drab and dark coloring further drags down the fact that the injured X-men (as well as writer Brubaker and his editors) have forgotten Angels secondary mutation (his blood heals others)! Stupid. Then Cyclops inexplicably sends Wolverine and a team to go kill Cable because he doesn't know what he's up to. Doesn't tech savvy Cable have a cell phone? Guess talking to your son is out of fashion; better to just kill him. Stinks!

Justice Society of America 11 - This book is starting to feel like it's running off course. Already stuffed with characters, it looks like they're introducing more next month. Seems like a bad move. This book advances the Kingdom-Come-Superman storyline a wee bit and introduces what feels like a million Asian assassins for a 3 page subplot. We've already been introduced to 9 new characters (Wildcat 2, Liberty Belle, Starman, Damage, Cyclone, Citizen Steel, Obsidian, Kingdom Come Superman and now Judomaster) in 11 issues since this reboot began, and we're getting yet more? Jeez. What a Mess!

Supergirl 24 - It's always nice to see a single issue story. They are so rare these days. I'm still liking the art on this book, but there's not really enough story here to fill a book. What story there is here, is not very well told. I'm still hoping this new creative team will find their footing and that this series will improve. It's almost OK.

Ultimates 3, no 1 - This is probably the most disgusting comic book I've ever read, and confirms my opinion that Jeph Lobb is the worst writer in the business. The story here is an adolescent version of adult material. The Scarlet Witch (wearing a bikini in the snow) is having an incestuous relationship with her brother, Quicksilver. Giant Man/Hank Pym commits suicide. Hawkeye remains a gun toting psychotic. Iron man drunkenly watches an internet sex tape of himself and the deceased Black Widow. Thor is having sex with a teenager.
I was looking forward to seeing Joe Mad's return to comics. His run on the X-men single-handedly got me re-started on weekly trips to the comic shop after nearly a decade of indifference. That said, his work here is the worst I've ever seen from him. The layouts and coloring are way too dark. Based on this experience, I doubt I'll ever buy an Ultimate comic again. Beyond Disgusting.

Lobster Johnson 4 - Continues the pulp excellence and I'll be sad to see this series end next issue. Delightful!

Northlanders 1 - Wow... it's been a real long time since I last picked up a Vertigo title. I'm a big fan of historical action adventure, and Vikings, so I thought I'd give this a try. And, I guess it's ok. Reads more like a prologue and it didn't really give me a hook thats going to drive me to pick up the next issue. But it might work better as a collected edition. Think I'll wait and see what the reviews are like once collected. Undecided.

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