Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Comic Book Reviews This Week

Green Arrow and Black Canary 3 - Swift moving story by Judd Winick and great looking art by Cliff Chiang further the opening story arc as the heroes leave the island of the Amazons. I'm totally loving this book. Tho, this new girl version of Speedy sure needs a new costume. Gets my Cheers! Best of the Week!

Wonder Woman 15 - Ummm. I think I'm now hooked on Wonder Woman. I've never really read this title, but I'm on this like glue. More sweet illustrations by the Dodsons, and it's shaping up to be a nifty story by Gail Simone with the always gratifying combo of Nazis and talking apes. Excellent!

The Engineer 1 - I've never picked up a title from Archaia Studios Press before, but this one called to me from the rack, so it's my impulse buy of the week. It's an intriguing beginning to a SciFi adventure story. Written/illustrated nicely by Brian Churilla; it looks kind of like Jeff Smiths work on Bone, but reads more like a Mike Mignola tale. (Which is a pretty cool combo, now that I think of it.) 32 pages of story and no ads! Nice. Hey Marvel! DC! Pay attention here. Excellent!

Green Lantern 25 - Whew! Finally. The final part of the Sinestro Corps War. It's gone on a bit too long and could have been much tighter and shorter all told. However, this climax vanquishes some villains, destroys others and leaves some plot lines unsatifyingly dangling. I totally grooved on the new spectrum of lanterns introduced, and also like the prospect of Zombie Black Lanterns (in the summer of 2009! Is that a typo? Groan, that's a year and a half away! How dorky. Why not next issue?) It's just OK.

Green Lantern Corps 19 - I totally should have skipped this one. It left me with exactly no impression at all. Stinks!

The Spirit 11
- I haven't been reading this tasty Darwyn Cooke title, but the cover on this one grabbed me. I'm going to have to read this once it's in a collected edition. Excellent!

X-Factor 26 (Messiah complex 7) - It seems strange to me that Marvel titles are not really attracting me much anymore, but I guess it comes and goes in waves over the years. Just so ya know, there have been years where I didn't buy any DC books and I just read Marvel, but that tide sure has turned. This drab wee book is a good example of why I'm not buying Marvel.
The story advances at a glacial pace once again. Layouts ho-hum. Horrible cover art again by Finch (someone please buy the fellow an anatomy guide; he's drawing multiple muscles where they don't exist and it just looks creepy). Layla from issue to issue is drawn either as a child, an young adult or an adolescent; or is that part of her mutant power? Cable is running thru the Arctic tundra with a NAKED baby strapped to his chest. You crazy mutant! Get that poor thing some mittens! Next issue "An X-men Will Fall" - heh, like they don't get up again at a ridiculous rate. My money's on Angel. Yeah, it Stinks!

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