Thursday, December 20, 2007

Comic Book Reviews This Week

The Incredible Hulk/Herc 112 - Greg Pak and crew take the dregs left over from World War Hulk and actually come up with a tasty treat. Nifty storytelling and solid artwork (if somewhat drably colored) gives Hercules finally, after 40 some years, some time to shine. What's not to like about a muscle-bound, hairly, bearded, heathen drinking merlot in the streets and chucking casks at SHIELD aircraft? I'm suprised as hell, but I loved this book. Easily wins my Cheers, Best of the Week!

The Mighty Avengers 6 - I'm not sure why this book doesn't sell as better than the awful New Avengers. I really enjoyed the end of this first story arc, and the delays for the Frank Cho art were worth the wait. This is one of few Marvel titles that is nicely colored. Excellent!

New X-men 45 (Messiah Complex 8) - This chapter is a good one. Buoyed greatly by the nice artwork by Ramos (tho, I really don't like the gloves that look like baguettes the X-students are sporting). Layla is now a child again. Is that her superpower? Blinding the people around her to her age shifting? The previously bald baby Cable is carrying now has red hair and green eyes. Reminds me of Jean Grey. Sniff, sniff. Smells like a red *ahem* herring. We were a bit mislead from last weeks teaser about an X-man falling. It's not an X-man, but some minor character from an old X-force. Nonetheless the plot moves forward a bit and it's Good Fun!

Justice League of America 16 - I'm kicking myself for having bought this prologue for a Superman mini-series. Stupid. I want my money back. Stinks!

World of Warcraft 2 - While this title won't convert any fans on it's merits alone, I enjoy revisiting Dire Maul and all points Warcrafty. Lots of combat but a bit short on plot. Still I thought it was Good Fun!

Conan, The Frazetta Cover Series 1 - In this age of 6-, 12- and longer part stories, this self-contained single issue is something of a treat. The beautiful and richly colored Cary Nord artwork carries the decent if slight story well; I can't think of a better artist for this concept. It's only marred by the ugly and distracting crappy typewriter styled font that is used for narration. Good Fun!

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Carl V. said...

I can't believe I'm spending money to re-buy the issues of Conan that I already own, but the Frazetta covers are so great that I'm going to do it anyway! I love Cary Nord's visualinterpretation of these stories. I've bought each collection as they've come out because I think the art and stories are great.