Saturday, December 29, 2007

Comic Book Reviews This Week

Legion of Super-Heroes 37 - Old pro Jim Shooter returns to the Legion with a great start with amazingly good art by Francis Manapul. I'm a long time Legion fan and have not been so impressed with this current series, but all the right elements are in place here. This new creative team is a winner. Good place to jump on board. The competition is very tough this week. But this one wins by a nose. Cheers! Best of the Week!

Action Comics 860 - The Legion team up continues. This is not the same Legion that's in their own book, but perhaps future/alternative version. This story rocks. I love it totally, and it's looking like this is going to be one of the best Legion stories in years, if not, ummm, decades. Complete Excellence!

Brave and the Bold 9 - Mark Waid's been a hit or miss writer for me. But this book certainly seems to be his best work since Kingdom Come. I'm still loving this title a bunch. It's great story and art stretching across the whole DC canvas. This second story arc is shaping up to be even better than the first. I hope Waid and Perez have a good, long run on this one. It's the perfect venue to match their talents. Sublime Excellence!

Batman 672 - I can't remember the last time I picked up a Batman book. I'm a fan of Grant Morrison's work, but haven't read his Batman. I picked this up on a whim, mostly for the striking cover. Tony Daniel's artwork has never looked better, and based on this sample, his work has improved vastly. I'm not sure where this is within the storey arc, but found it easy to jump into. I'm prolly going to pick up some recent back issues of this. I think I'm hooked. Surprisingly Excellent!

Green Lantern 26 - I'm greatly pleased that Mike McKone has picked up the art chores on this title. I've loved Geoff Johns writing from the get go, but I've been rather indifferent to the art since this title relaunched. This is the first part to a new story arc and it looks like it going to be good one. Seems to me that this title just keeps getting better and better. Solid Excellence!

The Flash 235 - Jeez, DC's having a great week here. I really don't recall the last time DC's had such quality in such quantity. Freddie Williams art is just perfect for the Flash, as is the bright palette in a excellent coloring job by the Hories. Great coloring in all the books mentioned above as well. DC's powerful color sure beat the hell outta the wan and drab Marvel colors. (Juan Doe's FF is the exception to that.) This is a fun Flash story and the back up story is great fun as well. Again, more Excellence!

Fantastic Four : Isla de la Muerte! - Damn this book was good. I'm an old FF fan but have not read it for some time now, as I have not like the creative teams or story lines that have held the title hostage for the last chunk of years. This however, was a nice little old fashioned adventure, modernized with a light touch of eco-consciousness, with some touching heartfelt moments that actually worked. Real good script by Tom Beland, and breath taking artwork by the savvy Juan Doe. Marvel, please make more comics like this. Excellence!

X-men 206 (Messiah Complex part 9) - Carey and Bachalo are an amazingly good team. I think they have the juju to make a landmark impression on the X-men if only they'd be given free reign to do as they want. I really think Marvel ought to trust this pair. Carey and Bachalo's vision has a freshness that's been lacking since Grant Morrison left. This is a fairly decent chapter in this crossover event thing, but I'd rather be seeing these two entertaining inventors doing their own thing. It's Good Fun.

Thor 5 - OK, so Straczynski is not the worst writer in the business. That title goes to Mr. Leob. But Straczynski is running a close 2nd. I'm still loving the sweet artwork by Coipel. This issue is a wee bit better than the previous issues but it's still pretty plodding. There's not a lot of drama or action. And Thor seems vacuous. Pictures are pretty tho. I think next issue I'll just look at the pictures and not read the words and make up my own storyline. Tho, I might drop this title. Great art, story Stinks!

Captain Marvel 2 - Not sure why I bought this. I didn't care for the first issue. This is a bit better than the first part. I don't get why a cult has sprung up around the resurrection of Capt. Marvel. It's like the whole world is amazed he's returned from the dead. Ummm. Like that's never happened in the Marvel universe. Where were these cultist when everybody else returned from the dead countless times. And how exactly does Christianity survive in world where countless heroes and villains resurrect repeatedly? What's so damn special about the Resurrection of Jesus if nobody else stays dead? Hunh? Are these Capt. Marvel cultists refugees from Christianity? This one is almost OK.

Giant Size Avengers 1 - Not sure why this is a number 1. Hasn't there been Giant Sized Avengers before? Anyway... this one was an awful waste of money. The new content was terrible and the reprints have been done before. It includes one of my favorite Avengers issue 58, but I'd wished they'd freshened it up with a modern color treatment. Horrible!

Teen Titans 54 - Ummm. I'm just glad this storyline is over. Not sure if I'll be on board for the next one. I still like Miss Martian but she's not enuf for me to keep coming back to this barking dog. Stinks!

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