Friday, December 7, 2007


Working on my list of the best reads of the year. I've read well over 200 novels, at least 200 monthly comics, and quiet a few comic book collections. Expect to see lists for Horror, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Pulp/Men's Adventure, Comic Books, and Comic Book Collections (Graphic Novels).

I'm wondering what have your best reads been this past year?


anthony r said...

I've really been enjoying umbrella academy, to my surprise, and I also love american virgin. Another great comic is pirates of coney island, as well as lolos' "last stop" and his and becky cloonan's collaboration project "nebuli." I don't read a lot of modern literature but I went out on a limb and got warren ellis' book "crooked little vein" and enjoyed it greatly!

David said...

Thanks for your comments. I think I'll read Umbrella Academy once it comes out in a collected edition.