Sunday, December 16, 2007

Short Book Reviews

War Machine by Andy Remic - While billed as a Military SciFi novel, this testosterone-filled action adventure is more of a revenge quest than anything else. Swift plotting, bloody action, and interesting characters (especially the lovable and funny, insane mad-bomber, Franco) overcomes any minor flaws (lots of anachronisms in this far flung future). The slam-bang, cliff-hanging ending has me craving the sequel. Excellent!


Andy Rem said...

Hey there!! Thanks for that. I'm really glad you liked my WAR MACHINE :-) The next book is BIOHELL, unfortunately not out until about next November. And yes, it has the same main characters, only a really wild untamed plot this time!! And the anachronisms... what can I say? I'm trying to link current day with the future. We used stone hand-tools 2 million years ago, and stil use tools today. Who's to say Halloween won't exist in a hundred thousand years? Thanks again!

David said...

That's great news to hear! I'll be first in line for Biohell. :)
And I will admit the anachronisms did make for easy reading and in no way detracted from the story.