Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Short Book Reviews

Kop by Warren Hammond - I love a good SciFi mystery and wish there were more of them around. This pleasing dark noir SciFi is an engaging and complicated hard-boiled page-turner with nice twists and turns. It's a ruggedly built noir, with a light SciFi frosting that has me looking forward to the sequel, Ex-KOP. The characters are well done and it's nice to see a storyline of an older guy/younger woman handled with a smart and honest resolution. A very successful first novel. Good Fun!


Carl V. said...

This one was great. I really enjoyed it and hope the sequel is quick to come out in '08. The Chris McGrath cover is fantastic and I hope they continue to use him for the sequel.

David said...

Agreed! It is a great piece of cover art, and I'm looking forward to the sequel as well.

Carl V. said...

I haven't seen a date for it yet. I was hoping it would be out early in 2008.