Thursday, December 27, 2007

Short Book Reviews

Mainspring by Jay Lake - I'm a sucker for books with cover art by Stephan Martiniere, and I'd thought this was supposed to be a science fiction adventure novel, but it's not. It's much more of a rather archly conservative, creationist Christian fantasy tale of a clockwork world where intelligent design is made quite literal. While Lake has some truly inventive concepts here, I found the underlying message to more disturbing than thought provoking. I had to put this down about half way through. Rejected!

P.S. Please read the comments. I'm apparently off base on this one.


jaylake said...

(Here via Google blog search.)

I love this review. I'm sorry you didn't like the book, but the fact that you reacted strongly to it suggests it engaged you at some level.

In point of fact, I am a highly vocal critic of Intelligent Design/Creationism, and a raging secular humanist. In my mind, the book engages religion and Creationism in particular in a very challenging way. But I'm also the first to say that the story always belongs to the reader. Thank you for reading.

David said...

Mr. Lake, thank you for your kind compliment. You are that rare creature, a true gentleman. You're right, in that I was engaged by the book, and I did enjoy it's inventiveness. I am encouraged to know that you are in fact a secular humanist. I will gladly give another one of your books a fair shake. Thanks for noticing my humble wee blog :)

jaylake said...

You are most welcome. Watch for Escapement next June.

BTW, have you seen this:

It mentions you and me.

David said...

Mr. Lake: Hhmmm. That's rather entertaining in it's own way, but it kind of made my head hurt. I had no idea there were people trolling blogs looking for something to be offended by.

I was looking at your books in the Amazon and "Trial of Flowers" sounds pretty good to me.

Carl V. said...

"I'm a sucker for books with cover art by Stephan Martiniere"

Aren't we all! :)

This is one I bought for both that reason and because I had read a very interesting review of it. I hope to get to it soon.