Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Short Book Reviews

Showcase Presents Teen Titans Vol. 2 by Various - This mostly wacky collection is an oddball product of it's times. Trying way to hard to be hip and relevant to the early 70's social upheaval, and never quiet succeeding completely, it reads like the cultural artifact it is, by paying lip service to the Peace Movement, Women's Liberation and Black Power. The weirdness includes Wonder Girl pondering a dreamy ski instructor and thinking he should wax her slats; Speedy's psychedelic arrows; Mr. Jupiter (the Titans over 30 scientist leader, Generation Gap apparently suspended) telling the boys that women often are over come and faint on theirs first trips to Italy, and desire to be involved in tragic love affairs; Titans mind controlled by a computer in a cave into being temporary White Supremacists; and all punctuated by slang language that didn't even ring true at the time. Freaky.

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