Sunday, December 30, 2007

The Years Best Reads - Monthly Comic Books

All Star Superman by Grant Morrison & Frank Quietly
Action Comics (Legion team-up arc) by Geoff Johns & Gary Frank
Brave and the Bold by Marc Waid & George Perez
Fear Agent by Rick Remender, Tony Moore & Jerome Opena
Green Arrow and Black Canary by Judd Winick & Cliff Chaing
Green Lantern by Geoff Johns & others
Lobster Johnson by Mike Mignola & Jason Armstrong
Madman Atomic Comics by Mike & Laura Allred
Metal Men by Duncan Rouleau
Rokkin by Andy Hartnell & Nick Bradshaw
World War Hulk by Greg Pak & others
X-men by Mike Carey & Chris Bachalo


Carl V. said...

I'm not a big superheroes comic reader. I did keep up with Lobster Johnson and really enjoyed it. Loved each BPRD series this year. Fables continues to be excellent. I really enjoyed Darwyn Cooke's run on The Spirit while it lasted.

David said...

BPRD didn't work for me in the begining, but it just keeps getting better. I'm getting it in collected editions, and love it. Yeah, the Spirit was good. Hope that gets collected.

Carl V. said...

Actually it has, the first several issues anyway. In a really nice hardcover. I think it came out at the end of October or early November.

And I agree, B.P.R.D. has really stumbled into its own as the series have went by. I still wish Mignola was doing more Hellboy stuff himself, but I can live with this.