Thursday, January 31, 2008

Comic Book Review This Week

Green Lantern 27 - Writer Johns and artist McKone are the perfect team for Green Lantern. Continuing the story that unveils the Alpha Lanterns (an uber-powered Lantern Corps Internal Affairs Dept.) with some neat plot twists and foreshadowing of things to come. I'm enjoying this even more than the Sinestro Corps War storyline, and while the competition from DC was tough this week, by a whisker this one wins Cheers! Best of the Week!

Action Comics 861 - Another superb Johns chapter of the Legion team-up with art continuing by Frank. The best Legion story in forever keeps getting better, and it's making me wish Johns would spin off this Legion in their own title. Excellent!

The All New Atom 19 - OK this didn't get released this week, but it came to my attention that Rick Remender (Fear Agent) is going to be writing this title soon, so I thought I'd check it out now. I have not read this title and was a fine place to start with a fun single issue story. Neat cover by Laddron (I think). Good Fun!

Batman 672 - I'm not a big Batman reader. I like his supporting cast and his villians, but I've felt Batman himself has been a mostly one-note character ever since Frank Miller did the Dark Knight Returns. This kick-ass storyline by Morrison and Daniel (Daniel's Batman looks fantastic) has definitely got me on board. It's been many years since I came across a Batman story this good, and I'm still thinking I'm going to have to read the rest of Morrison's run on this. Excellent!

The Mighty Avengers 8 - Really bad. Need to stop buying this title. Avengers fight a Venom virus. Can't the Sentry just wish it away? He just wished his wife back to life. Iron man puts virus in Reed Richards machine and creates an antibiotic in five minutes to cure everybody. Umm. Antibiotics don't cure viruses, but while he's at it why not make an antibiotic to cure AIDS in another five minutes? Horribly Stupid - This Stinks!

Madman 6 - More groovy goodness as this storyline cranks up! Excellent!

JSA Classified 34 - A pretty nifty single issue story with Hourman and Liberty Bell. No complaints other than it's got too much black. Black costumed-hero fighting black-garbed villains on black backgrounds make for a bit tedious viewing. I think there's too many black costumed heroes in the JSA. They need a little color therapy. Nonetheless, it's Good Fun!


stephen sadowski said...
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Carl V. said...

I picked up my copy of Madman Wednesday as well. Will probably get to it this weekend. Loved the cover. I've been enjoying the series thus far. I really loved the issue where he mimicked other people's styles. That issue was fantastic.

David said...
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Carl V. said...

Madman/Goon would indeed be fun. The Allred's work is amazing. The style of art coupled with the colors make it such a unique yet retro looking comic. I am wanting to get all the new collections as I have only sporadically read his work in the past. I've also been tempted by the hardback of X-Force in the past simply because I like their work so much.

David said...

I've enjoyed all the Madman's since the get go. It's a title that's been consistently pleasing. So I recommend them all, as well as the X-force/X-statics run at Marvel which I think are available in paperbacks. Yup, yup. Big Allred fan here.