Sunday, January 6, 2008

Comic Book Reviews This Week

Metal Men 5 (0f 8) - Duncan Rouleau is doing something no one else has done before. He's forged the Metal Men into a complex, smart, cool and beautiful SciFi tale. It's nearly in the vein of some of novelist Charles Stross' work. This book is as nifty as comic books get, and I whole-heartily recommend it to all. I was a bit perplexed by this title early on, but the various thread are coming together quite nicely. Rouleau has found the perfect match for his unique talents here, and I hope he buddies up with the Metal Men for a much longer run than this 8 part series. Cheers! Best of the Week!

Teen Titans Year One 1 (of 6) - This one nearly nabbed by top spot of the week. This is a new take on the original Teen Titans on their first adventure. The story is off to an interesting start, and the artwork by the team of Kerschl, Lapointe and Peru is very striking. I don't think these original Titans have ever looked better. Am eagerly looking forward to reading more. Excellent!

Lobster Johnson 5 (of 5) - The story comes to a close in all it's pulpy goodness. I'm just sad that this mini-series is at it's end. It's been one of my favorite Mignola creations in quite a while, but then I've got to catch up on some BPRD. Good Fun!

Uncanny X-men 494 (Messiah complex 10) - Not sure if every copy of this issue looks like the copy I picked up, but mine looks like the registration was off on the press. The artwork is very blurry throughout. I'd be hopping mad if I was the printers pre-press manager. But maybe it's supposed to look like that. I dunno. Story-wise I didn't feel like I got a lot for my money and came away thinking the relevant plot twists could have been told in about 3 pages. The rest was filler. Some chapters of this Messiah Complex are pretty good. This one's not. Disappointing!

Supergirl 25 - Ummm. This one looks pretty good and the story's a wee bit better than the "Hunh?" inducing previous issue. Might have to drop this title if it doesn't improve pretty quick. It's OK.

Countdown to Mystery 4 (of 8) I guess I am rather fond of comic books with 2 stories. A Doctor Fate continuing tale and another with the Spectre makes me pretty darn happy. Dig the plots and nice art on both parts. Couldn't be more please with this series. I'd love to see these creative teams continue to work with these magical heroes. Excellence!


Robert said...

David, hope you enjoyed the holidays and just wanted to say Happy New Year! Also, I loved all of your Best Of lists :) Keep up the great work!

David said...

Robert, Thanks! And Cheers to you as well.

Carl V. said...

I haven't finished Lobster Johnson yet, but I too will miss it. I hope he revisits the character sometime in the future, there is the potential for a lot of great pulp adventure in there.