Thursday, January 17, 2008

Comic Book Reviews This Week

Fear Agent 18 (Hatchet Job 2 of 5) - Writer Remender and artist Opena continue to astound in this masterful SciFi tale. Heart wrenching, action packed and funny, the flawed and heroic Fear Agent Heath Hudson just gets better with every issue and has become a character I care deeply about. If I could only buy one comic a month, it'd be this one. Cheers! Best of the Week!

The Incredible Hercules 113 - Easily now my favorite title from Marvel. Greg Pak and crew are creating a very fine tale of pulpy goodness that easily shifts from ancient Greece to the modern age, all wonderfully illustrated by Khoi Pham. It's going to be an interesting showdown between Ares and Herc, and I can't wait to see what happens next. I'd just like learn how Ares went from a traditional Marvel villain to current Avenger. Screw Loeb's Hulk, my money's on this one. Excellent!

New X-men 46 (Messiah Complex 12) - Ramos's artwork looks great, so that buoyed this issue quite a bit. However there's so many villains here I don't know who most of them are. The real downfall of this chapter is the unexplained thrust of the book. Mystique is fretting over healing Rogue? After shooting her and trying to kill her? Hunh? Also, the "cliffhanger" Bishop vs. Cable ending is weak. Prof. X is in the room and he can just stop Bishop with a thought. Plus I still don't get why Cyclops wants X-men to be killers. Kinda Stupid.

World of Warcraft 3 - I've enjoyed the first two issues in a guilty pleasure sort of way, but this chapter shows much improvement in the storyline. It's pretty neat to see the virtual Warcraft world fleshed out into an entertaining fantasy tale. This is shaping up to be a solid title. It sure is good to have a sword and sorcery book in my monthly stack. Good Fun!

The Flash 236 - Mark Waid ends his short run on this title here, and it's a satisfying conclusion, both in the main story and the backup. I've only been an off and on reader of the Flash title, but I think I'll stick around and see how it shapes up with the new writer. Good Fun!

Warbound 1 and 2 (of 5) - I generally steer clear of spin-off titles featuring supporting characters, but the killer combo of Greg Pak and artist Leonard Kirk pulled me in. I'm glad it did. This is another feather in Pak's cap, along with the Hercules title that makes me think I'll probably be picking up titles with his name on it in the future. He's gotta be Marvel's best writer. Excellent!

Justice League of America 17 - Much like this weeks New X-men, the confusing array of an army of villains weaken the main story. Who the hell are all these people and why should I care about them? It seems to be tying into some storyline happening in another title that I have not read, so I don't quite get what's going on. The non-dynamic composition of Benes' layouts really does not help out the story either. He sure can draw pretty people with nice muscles that all look alike, but I doubt if he could draw a craggy character if his life depended on it. The backup story fares much better with engaging art by Jon Meyers. Disappointing!

Atomic Robo 4 (of 6) - I missed the first three issues of this title and wish I'd been on board. From what I can tell with jumping in mid-way it seems to be a fun concept. The story and art could have packed more into the pages, so it felt a bit skimpy; but on the whole I did enjoy it. I'm just hoping that it will be collected in a graphic novel, as I can't seem to find the back issues. This one shows some promise. Good Fun!

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