Thursday, January 24, 2008

Comic Book Reviews This Week

Legion of Super-Heroes 38 - Creative team Shooter and Manapul continue brilliantly in part two of their opening arc. Sure to please fans both old and new, I hope these guys are signed on for a long run. Loved the art, story and color. Super-hero comics don't get better than this. Two months in a row this one wins my Cheers! Best of the Week!

Wonder Woman 16 - Another beautiful and engaging chapter in The Circle arc. I'm enjoying this title a bunch, tho I'm disappointed to learn that the Dodson's are leaving in a couple of issues. I'm a bit confused that Hippolyta is alive. I remember her dying in one of those recent crisis. Guess I missed something that's not explained in this storyline. Good Fun!

JLA Classified 51 - Creaters Stern and Byrne are crafting a fine old fashioned tale of the Justice League's early days that works great for an old comic book reader like myself. And it's much better than the current storyline going in the regular Justice League of America. Solid entertainment and Good Fun!

X-men 207 (Messiah Complex Chapter 13) - This nicely illustrated and blood-thirsty "conclusion" leaves open more questions than it provides answers, so it's very unsatisfying. Is Mystique captured by the X-men? Is Bishop right about the baby? (Wouldn't you go back in time to kill Hitler?) Is Bishop dead? What's the baby's relationship to Jean Grey? Why does she grab Cyclops' girly locket? Does Emma Frost know that Cyclops wears a locket with a photo of himself and Jean close to his heart? Hasn't Cyclops let go of his past with Jean? Why does Professor X's body disappear? Why does no one seem to notice? Why does yet another death of Prof. X mean the end of the X-men? (They've functioned just fine when he's been dead before. Apparently Cyclops has forgotten this.) How many times has Prof. X died? Did we ever get an explanation of Cable's resurrection from the dead? If time travel is so easy for Cable, can't he go back and instantly save Prof. X? Or go back to the start of this story and whisk the baby off to the future? All told Messiah Complex is a mind numbing tale of deaths, resurrections and time travel. Pretty Dumb!

New Exiles 1 - I've not read Exiles in many years and I thought I'd try this reboot. You'd think this would be a good place to jump on board, but I'm just lost. It's just not engaging for a new reader which it should be. So, it Stinks!

Countdown to Mystery 5 0f 8 - Why did they change artists on this title mid-way thru? Totally ruined my enjoyment of this. Stinks!

Astonishing X-men 24- It's a pretty good chapter in the Breakworld saga. On the whole, the content was skimpy but I'm looking forward to reading the conclusion. This story would be better to read as a graphic novel. It's OK.


Carl V. said...

It warms my heart to know that at least one person I 'know' is good about keeping up with their comic reading. I am soooo far behind. Doesn't stop me from spending the money though!

David said...

:D You should see the big ole stack of graphic novels I'm falling behind on...

Carl V. said...

Nevertheless, it is still impressive that you are keeping up with your week to week singles reading.