Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Artwork for the original appearance of Manly Wade Wellman's Strangers on the Heights. See review below.

Artwork from the British paperback version of Strangers on the Heights.

Original artwork for Wellman's Nuisance Value, which is also included in the Night Shade edition of Strangers on the Heights.


Carl V. said...

Great stuff! I love these old retro covers. I especially like the second one. I look at these magazines and books every time I go to comic conventions and it is a shame that the ones I would usually like to take home are well out of my price range.

David said...

That British version, Beasts from Beyond, seems to be the expensive rarity. Think it goes for around $150! I agree; it's an awesome piece of artwork. It's what got me interested in reading the book.