Friday, January 11, 2008

Short Book Reviews

The Salem Branch (Dark Shadows) by Lara Parker - As a long time Dark Shadows fan, I really wanted to like this novel by the actress that played Angelique. It works in part as a guilty pleasure, and the surprise ending is one I didn't see coming. For the most part it's filled with uneven pacing, one note characterizations of the under utilized supporting cast, and strange developments as the vampire Barnabas Collins focuses on old grudges, old rugs and fall foliage even before he's dosed by hippies on acid and a pot brownie. It's got some highlights but it's mostly Disappointing.

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Carl V. said...

Sorry to hear. I too am a fan of Dark Shadows. My wife and I discovered it when our local Blockbuster got several video tapes of it in many, many years ago. I have yet to purchase the DVD versions (bad me) but have a ton of these on video that I got from ebay a long time back.