Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Short Book Reviews

Strangers on the Heights by Manly Wade Wellman - Every once in a while I get the itch to read an old-timey pulp tale. In yet another nicely made volume from Night Shade books, I discovered a long out of print (originally from 1944) swift moving, first contact tale complete with e.s.p., teleportation, zombies, invaders from another world, a lantern jawed hero and a beautiful South American damsel. It's also got space vampires allergic to right angles, much like in Peter Watts recent Blindsight. A second short alien invasion novel, Nuisance Value (aka The Dark Destroyers) is included in this volume as well. In all, a light and breezy book that's Good Fun!


Carl V. said...

Night Shade Books is really turning in to a first rate publishing house, aren't they? I am more and more impressed with the titles they have to offer and consequently my shelves have more and more of their books on them. They are giving my favorite company, TOR, a run for their money in regards to cover illustrations as well.

David said...
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