Friday, February 8, 2008

Comic Book Review This Week

Teen Titans Year One 2 - The eye-popping cartoony artwork by Kerschl and crew continue to please as the story progresses nicely. Shaping up to be a great addition to the original Teen Titans cannon and should please folks who've never read the original Titans before. Cheers! Best of the Week!

The All New Atom 20 - Fill in team Simone and Norton give us a solid single issues story that's got me thinking I gotta pick up the back issues of this title. I've only read a couple of these, but it's quite entertaining. Love the Ladronn covers and am cranked up for the Rick Remender storyline. Good Fun!

Metal Men 6 of 8 - I'm still loving this book. It's going to be one of very few comics I'll actually go back and re-read. Wish I knew what DC has planned next for the Metal Men. This title will prolly be on my year end best list for 2008. Excellent!

Uncanny X-men 495 - I'd had in mind to keep reading this title leading up to the big 500th issue, but this one isn't really sparking much interest. Skimpy story for a 22-page book and the art mostly looked like that airbrushed and shellacked stuff you saw on vans in the 70s (and not in a cool way). Think I'll drop this title. Stinks!

Clandestine 1 of 5 - I'm a big fan of Davis and Farmer, but I've never read these characters before. While the book looked great, there's just too much back history that I don't know for me to be engaged. It's OK I guess if you're a Clandestine fan.

Justice Society of America 12 - The story is improving, and it's Johns so I'll stick around to see what happens. But I'm getting the feeling he's introducing a butt-load of new characters so a mess of them can be killed off fighting Gog. Way too many characters in this title. It's OK.

Supergirl 26 - Another title showing slight improvement over the past couple of issues. It's got a neat ending and I'll stick around to see what happens next. It's OK.


Carl V. said...

You're back! I saw that Teen Titans Year One 2 cover the other day in the comic shop and thought it was terrific. I'm going to have to check out more of that artwork.

David said...

Hey Carl! Wow... can't believe a week slipped by without me posting a bit of this or that. Should have a couple book reviews up soon.

Glad to know you liked "Halting State"; I've started that a couple of times and will give it another chance.

Carl V. said...

I think success or failure to enjoy Halting State lies in whether or not a person can get past the initial strangeness of the second person narrative and the tech speak and early Scottish language stuff from Sue. I think things like that are all about personal preference and I can certainly see people picking this up and deciding it isn't for them. Once you get into it, though, I think you'll find an entertaining story.

David said...

Yeah, I definitely have to be in the right frame of mind to read Stross. I've both hated and loved his books in the past. I'll hang onto Halting State until the time is right.