Thursday, February 28, 2008

Comic Book Review This Week

Action Comics 862 - Brilliantly continuing the Superman/Legion of Super-Heroes team-up Frank and Johns provide more great entertainment. This version of the Legion seems more like the real deal than the one that's in the current reboot of their own titled monthly (which I'm also enjoying greatly). I'm wondering what's next for this Legion. I certainly hope it's not the last we'll see of them. For me it was a big week in comics and there was a lot to admire, so the competition was very strong. Nonetheless this one grabs, Cheers! Best of the Week.

JSA Classified 35 - This first of a three part story featuring Wildcat was an unexpected and lovely gem. A solid start to the story by B. Clay Moore; sublime art by Ramon Perez exceptionally colored by Dave McCaig. I totally loved this one and it reminded me of the sublime Batgirl: Year One mini-series. Excellent!

Legion of Super-Heroes 39 - Another great issue from the new creative team. It's certainly a good time for Legion fans like myself. Excellent!

The Engineer 2 of 3 - Another title I'm really loving. It reminds me of the "Leave it to Chance" series from a few years ago that I still miss. I certainly hope Archaia Studios gives the Engineer another series. Excellent!

RASL 1 - Yay! Jeff Smith's got a new on-going title that's not Bone. Pretty exciting news for Jeff Smith's fans. Is it good? You bet. Just wish it was in color. And the next issue isn't due for another 3 months. You'd think with all that time between issues they could spare a bit of time for a colorist. Excellent!

Project Superpowers 1 - While I was disappointed with the issue 0 of this title, I like this one pretty well. I think I'll stick around and will be picking up the next issue. Good Fun!

Batman 674 - As a guy that's not much of a Batman fan for the last couple of decades, I'm really liking this Grant Morrison and Tony Daniel storyline. Bat-mite rocks! And so does this title. Excellent!

Thor 6 - It's still really pretty to look at and 6 months into this title Thor is still rebuilding Asgard. When's he going to fight some villian? Glacial beauty and pacing. It's OK.

Justice Society of America 13 - Really great Alex Ross cover. Inside there's finally some acknowledgment of how crazily large the Society has grown. Plot moves a bit, but is still seeming rather unwieldy. Still on the fence with the storyline. It's OK.

X-men Legacy 208 - Ummm. Not sure what to think about this one. Guess my first impression was it's better than the Messiah Complex event. I'm just not sure what it's all about. Like why tack on Legacy to the title? Is this going to be an monthly recap of past X-men plotlines? What's the point of that? I'm guessing it's going to ultimately lead up to another big X-men event or just fizzle into silly dream-logic nonsense. So, I guess It's OK.

Kick-Ass 1 - I'm pretty indifferent to this issue. It didn't really grab me and I doubt if I'll pick it up again. Maybe I'll change my mind. It's almost OK.

JLA Classified 53 - I'm stilling enjoying the Stern and Byrne run more than the regular Justice League title. I'd love to see these fellas produce some more League storylines. Excellent!

Warbound 3 of 5 - I guess I missed picking this one up last week, and I'm glad I grabbed it yesterday. Pak and Kirk are an awesome team and I'm enjoying this mini quite a bit. I like Pak's Hercules a whole lot more, but he's doing a great job here as well. Excellent!

Nexus 100 -

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