Thursday, February 21, 2008

Comic Book Reviews This Fortnight

Incredible Hercules 114 - Writer Pak and his art team continue to entertain and intrigue. Pak really knows how to tell a great story and I really need to search out what other work he's done aside from the World War Hulk stuff. While I haven't been too keen on much from Marvel lately. I sure do dig this one. Cheers, Best of the Fortnight!

Brave and the Bold 10 - Damn I love this book which is every bit as good as the Hercules. I read the other day that Perez has been taken off this title for another project which is a real shame. For my money, it's his best work in years. Hopefully he'll return to Brave and Bold in short order. Excellent!

Justice League of America 18 - While I've been disappointed with the last couple of issues of this title, it seems to have regained its footing and I enjoyed this one. Good Fun!

Perhapanauts Annual 1 - I've noticed this title in the past but never picked it up. The Mike Allred cover got me to buy it and I'm very glad it did. I quite enjoyed the story and the artwork, and I intend to pick up the collected Dark Horse volumes. I'll be checking out the new on-going as well. Excellent!

World of Warcraft 4 - It's a pretty solid issue but my interest seems to be wanning a bit on this title. It's nearly tempting me to restart my WoW account, but I'm resisting. Must... fight.... WoW.... addiction.... It's OK.

Atomic Robo 5 - Ummm. I think I've decided I like this title even tho I've only read a couple of issues. I sort of wish I hadn't bought single issues. Think this would be read better as a collection. Totally didn't get the back up story this time. Takes like 2 mins to read the whole thing. It's OK.

JLA Classified 52 - I'm stilling digging this multi-part Bryne and Stern creation more than the regular Justice League of America current arc. Double shot of Justice League a month works fine for me tho. Excellent!

Green Arrow and Black Canary 5 - Ah! Finally some back story for the Green Arrow's son that I didn't know. A good chapter in the story arc with a decent fill in artist. I am still enjoying this title quite a bit. Good Fun!

Wonder Woman 17 - The Finale of the Circle story arc was decent. Think it started stronger than it finished. Guess the Dodson's are leaving the title and I suppose I will as well. It's OK.

Fantastic Four 554 - I've enjoyed Miller/Hitch/Neary's work in the past and while I haven't read the FF in years I wanted to check this out. After reading this and hearing about what's going on with Spiderman, it's seems to me that Marvel is Ultimate-izing their regular line. This seemed more like a Ultimate title. It's pretty good. The colors got the usual Marvel drab palette, but I'll stick around to see what happens next. Good Fun!

Fantastic Four: The Lost Adventure - I didn't realize I'd spent $5 on this til I got home and I rather regret my purchase. Not really enuf new here to justify the expense. Most of the story has been printed before. Stinks!

Ultimates 3.3 and Hulk 2 - Hahahahaha. Thumbed thru them at the store. Wouldn't even waste my money. What Major Crapola.

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Roger said...

>JLA Classified 52 - I'm stilling >digging this multi-part Bryne and >Stern creation more than the regular >Justice League of America current >arc. Double shot of Justice League a >month works fine for me tho. >Excellent!

Glad you're enjoying it.

-- Uncle Rog

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