Thursday, March 27, 2008

Comic Book Review This Week

All Star Superman 10 - More sublime perfection from Grant Morrison, Frank Quietly and team. The only bad thing about this title is that it's ending in a couple of issues. In a class by itself, this will be read for many years to come. With the end in sight I'm wondering what is next for Morrison and Quietly? Cheers! Best of the Week!

Legion of Super Heroes 40 - Honestly I nearly enjoyed this one as much as Superman, but I'm a Legion nut. Still think it's nearly the best Legion since the early 70s. Excellent!

World of Warcraft 5 - OK, I've come to the realization that althought I sometimes enjoy the art here, more often than not I find it confuses the action of the story. The art should enhance the story. It just doesn't here. This one's plots OK. I just wish I could tell what I'm looking at. Disappointing.

JSA Classified 36 - This here's part 2 0f 3 of a Wildcat story that surprised me last month. This one's got Wildcat teamed up with Catwoman and I enjoyed this one a lot too. Really neat artwork, and I hope to see more from Ramon Perez. Excellent!

Next Issue Project #1 (Fantastic Comics #24) - This one wasn't release this week, but I picked it up because my comic book store was sold out of the new Green Lantern. It's an odd size book, which I assume to be golden age and it's a big 64 pages. I really enjoyed most of it, but it's most notable for the Mike and Laura Allred Stardust story. Nine stories altogether and a couple were dogs (the last story makes no sense and is mostly in German). Good Fun!

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