Monday, March 17, 2008

Comic Book Reviews This Week

Green Arrow and Black Canary 6 - Another good solid week for comics, but no real stand outs for me. I think I liked this one best but I'm partial to the artist and liked the twist at the end. Maybe the best issue so far. So, gets my Cheers! Best of the Week!

JLA Classified 54 - This is the final issue of this title and it's nice it's gone out on a high note, perhaps the best story arc since the one that kicked off the series. Good Fun!

Justice League The New Frontier - A swell companion piece to the sublime cartoon movie also released this week. Sweet content as well as nifty and timely marketing. Had to search pretty hard for this one. Excellent!

Teen Titans Year One 3 - Bah this series is halfway over! I'd love to see this creative team make it an on-going title instead of a mini. Love this book! Excellent!

Countdown to Mystery 6 - A really good issue. My heart goes out to Steve Gerbers family and friends. I miss him already. I hope DC does this title justice with a smash bang ending. Excellent!

Wonder Woman 18 - I was going to drop this title since the Dodsons have left for Marvel, but I'm glad I picked it up. I think I'll like this storyline better than the previous one. A nice surprise. Excellent!

Fantastic Four 555 - A fairly enjoyable chapter 2, tho I find the drab colors to be distracting. This could go either way, but for now it's Good fun!

Madman 7 - Ummm. It's a no dialog issue that comes off more like an experiment than a success. I found it to be a bit hard to follow. Why not use a few thought balloons? Disappointing.

Avengers Fairy Tales 1 - Somewhat charming with some lovely visuals this nearly sated my craving for the real Avengers in a take off on Peter Pan. Good fun!

Supergirl 27 -
I read a few awful reviews on this issue before I read it, but I rather liked it. It's much better than the last handful of issues, but I wouldn't protest if they put a new writer on here. Good Fun!

The Last Defenders 1 - I like parts and hated other parts, so I doubt if I'll pick this up again. But maybe I'll change my mind in 4 weeks. It's almost OK.

Superman 674 - I have not read this title in a long time, so I'm not sure what's going on here. Clark and Lois have a child now? Where'd he come from? Hate that the Fortress looks like the cheap styrafoam sets from those awful 70s movies. And it looks like Mon-el is back in the Phantom Zone with his lead problem. Didn't they cure that like, umm... 45 years ago? What's up with that? Confused.


Jeff S. said...

I'm glad you liked the New Frontier one-shot. The original mini-series was excellent. It turned me into a huge Darywn Cooke fan. I also love his Selina's Big Score grpahic novel as well from a few years back.

I feel the same way about the first two FF Millar/Hitch issues. I'm hopeing for the best.

I recently picked up the first 2 issues of IDW's Locke & Key mini-series. It's a horror/suspense book written by Joe Hill with art by Gabriel Rodregiuz. I really liked the first 2 issues a lot. I think it's supposed to run 4 to 6 issues. I recommend checking them out the next time your in your local comic shop. Great reviews.

David said...

Hi Jeff S.

I like Darwyn Cooke's stuff a bunch. I've found his work appeals to my friends who don't like comics and that's a pretty neat trick. Am looking forward to his Spirit being collected.

I have my eye on Joe Hill's Locke and Key. I was a big fan of his first novel and will pick up that one as a collected edition too.

Thanks for your comments. It's great to hear from you ;)

Carl V. said...

I cannot believe just how far behind I am on my comics reading. I haven't read the New Frontier one shot...bad me. I'm a couple of issues behind on Madman (and speaking of, did you like the issue...3 maybe?...that was an homage to all those different artists?). I have months upon months of Fables to read. I've got to take an entire weekend and set books and movies aside and just read my comics. Sounds like delicious fun actually.

Jeff loaned me the two Locke and Key issues so I will be getting to those soon just so that I can get them back to him. I look forward to them.

David said...

Hey Carl! You'll have to let me know what you think of the Locke and Key so far.
Yeah, that homage issue of Madman was pretty awesome. I'm really liking this new series of Madman. Those Allreds sure are talented folks.