Sunday, March 23, 2008

Short Book Reviews

The Dragon Done It - Edited by Mike Resnick and Eric Flint - While I've come to be a big Mike Resnick fan over the last few years, I've never picked up any of the anthologies that he's edited before this one. I'm not huge fan of multi-author collections, as I tend to pick a few selections to read and pass on the majority. However, I read and enjoyed all but 2 of these stories collected here, and will eagerly pick up more of his editorial collections. My favorite stories in this collection were from Resnick himself, William Hope Hodgson, Laura Resnick, Ron Goulart, Randall Garrett, Esther M. Friesner, Graham Edwards, Neil Gaiman, David Kirtley and Dave Freer with Eric Flint. I had a couple quibbles with the collection. There's no introductions to each of the stories, and I would have liked to read something about the authors, as many were unknown to me. Also, given the fantasy detective theme it would have been nice to see stories by Glen Cook, Martin Scott and Alex Bledsoe. Quite enjoyable and Recommended!


Michael said...

Glad you liked the anthology... I thought it was a good lineup, myself. Dare I ask which 2 stories you didn't like?

David said...

Hello Michael!
The David Drake and the Harry Turtledove stories didn't appeal to me and while I gave them a hearty attempt I didn't finish either.

After I wrote this review I remembered that I have read a couple of Resnick edited collections that I also enjoyed, "Alien Crimes" and "Down these Dark Spaceways".

I'm pretty much at the point where I'll read anything with Resnick's name on it whether it's a novel, short story or edited by. I'm very much looking forward to the "Stalking the Vampire" and the new Starship novels. But I have "The Other Teddy Roosevelts" and a stack of older novels to tide me over til then :)

I need to find one of his older short story collections as I enjoyed "New Dreams for Old" a great deal, but am not sure which one to pick.

I hope this collection sells well, I'd sure like to see more fantasy detective (or SciFi detective) short story collections.

Michael said...

I'll confess that I have a personal stake in this book - Mike and Eric were good enough to select one of my stories, "Claus of Death" for reprint in it. And ever since, I've been hugging myself with glee that I was considered worthy to be in the same Table of Contents as Esther, Graham, Neil frickin' Gaiman...

I agree with you. Mike Resnick's name on a collection has always been a draw for me. Over the years, he's put together some great (and bizarre) collections, including his ALTERNATE -whatever- series of anthologies.

His John Justin Mallory stories have always been a hoot, and I've also been digging the Harry the Book stories he's been putting out recently.

I really am glad that people have been enjoying this anthology. Mike's said that if sales continue, he and Eric may look at doing another.

If you like fantasy detectives, I seem to remember a collection from a few years back, called Powers of Detection, edited by Dana Stabenow, and another, Murder by Magic, edited by Rosemary Edgehill, which were both pretty good.

David said...

Hey Michael- Well congrats on being included! I did enjoy your story. As I mentioned earlier I'd wished they'd added author intros, you're a writer I'm not familiar with. But I'll keep my eyes peeled for your name in the future.

Thanks very much for the recommendations. I've added those title to my list. If you'd told me 6 months ago I'd be enjoying light/humorous detective fantasy, I'd have laughed my ass off. So I guess I'm a new convert to the genre.

Harry the Book, hunh? I have not come across those stories yet. Will check out the ALTERNATE etc titles as well. Thanks for all the info. You rock.