Thursday, April 24, 2008

Comic Book Reviews This Week

X-men First Class 11 - It's been a while since I've read this title, but I thumbed through at the store and couldn't put it down again. I was totally grabbed by the very charming art by Nick (sign me up for the Fan Club) Dragotta, whose style is quite his own but lies in the same neighborhood of Mike Allred and Cliff Chiang. Coupled with Jeff Walker's tight witty alternative universe story, this single issue just might be the best comic I've read this year. Highly Recommended and Cheers, Best of the Week!

Batman 675 - Continuing the long prelude to the Batman R.I.P., Grant Morrison's run here just seems to be getting better, deeper and more complex, even tho this issue seemed a bit sparse and brief; it's still an interesting story. The fill in artist's very angular and hard lines didn't really appeal to me, but I'm sure to be back next month. Good Fun!

Wolverine First Class 2
- Another slight but enjoyable caper from Van Lente for Kitty Pride and Wolverine which has a nice pay off chuckle at the end. I like this book, but I'm betting it's going to be collected in one of those little digest sized (Marvel Adventures style) paperback at a better price, so I'm not going to pick it up again. I'll just wait for a cheaper edition. Good Fun!

Hulk Vs Hercules -
w00t! A double shot of Van Lente this week as the scribe teams up with Pak for this awesome slug fest that's a necessity for Herc and Hulk readers. Nothing huge happens but this is a lot of fun for the fans. Excellent!

Justice League of America 20 - Bugger me! I'd thought I'd left this back at the store but it wormed it's way into my pile. Sneaky bastard! It's an awful issue. I totally hate Van Scivers art and do my best to avoid it. (Just look at Queen Bee's head on the cover... it's like 3 sizes too large for her body.) Stupid story to boot. Guess I should drop this title, I just keep complaining about it. Pee-U! Stinks like Limberger!

Thor 8 - A pretty solid issue here with a title that sure seems to be growing me for the most part. Good art again and improving storyline. Wraps up a 2 parter Odin dialog, and reintroduces Lady Sif and Jane Foster. I'd just love to see an issue of this where a lot happens swiftly. Pacing is still a bit of a chore, as can the sometime stilted dialog. There's a few good ideas floated in this title with a lot of fluff surrounding them.This book needs to cut the fluff and kick up the pace, but for now it's Good Fun!

Here's a small sample of Nick Dragotta's X-men art I liked so much.


Carl V. said...

I'm trying like heck to get through all of my piles of unread comics. I have years worth of Fables to go through. Some BPRD to catch up with. I'm about 4 issues behind on Madman. By the way, I picked up the Modern Masters volume on Mike Allred this week, is is really nice. I've picked up 3 or 4 of these Modern Masters volumes and really like them. You get alot of good bio info and art for the price.

David said...

Hey Carl,
Sounds like you follow some good books :) I've seen the Modern Masters series advertised on Amazon but I haven't seen them at my local comic book store. I've been wondering if they're any good.
Been very busy with spring time outdoors stuff (and moving) and have not had much time to read novels, but am keeping up with the funny books at least.

Carl V. said...

Moving eh? Is this a good thing? I hope so.

I certainly like the books I follow eventhough I am not much on reading the big Marvel superhero titles. It isn't that I don't like them...I used to follow all comes down to money and my desire to try smaller press stuff as well as support books like Fables and Hellboy/BPRD and other things that I just like better.