Thursday, May 8, 2008

Comic Book Reviews This Week

Metal Men 8 of 8 - This beautiful and complex Science Fiction tale comes to an end in a satisfying conclusion. The Metal Men have never been better. Much thanks to artist/writer Duncan Rouleau. This week's lot of books had quite a few endearing moments, but this successful mini-series just makes me want to read it again. (And I very rarely re-read comics) Cheers, Best of the Week!

Tor 1 of 6 - Joe Kuberts got a new comic out! Wee-dogie! Blissed out cave man goodness. Joe Kuberts got a new comic out! I'm dizzy with happiness. Excellent!

The War that Time Forgot 1 of 12 - Woot! Yet another kick off to a new mini-series that seems to be a lot of fun so far. Neal Adams cover to boot. Tanks vs. Dinosaurs? What more do you want in a comic? Excellent!

Madman 8 - Seems to be something of a transitional issues between story lines. There's 2 stories in this issue. The first is less successful; something of a college-aged existential plot. The back up story is much more fun and very silly. Good Fun!

The All New Atom 23 - I wasn't quiet sure what to make of the first couple of issues of Remenders story, but it hits its stride in this issue where the plot lines come together in a very action packed issue. Excellent!

Supergirl 29 - I'm enjoying this storyline. It keeps getting better. The art in this issue mostly looks pretty rushed and sloppy. This book could use a new artist. It's OK.

Secret Invasion 2 of 8 - Lots of fighting in this issue. Apparently the current Hawkeye is wearing a horrible god-awful costume and calling himself Ronin. The big moment of this issue is Hawkeye's wife is back from the dead. Umm. Don't know who she is. Didn't know he was married. So that emotional impact didn't resonate for me. I'm just hoping the jolly Avengers era Beast is the real deal. They should get rid of the brooding cat-man Beast that is running around.
I still don't get how all these Skrulls have super-powers on top of shape-shifting. But maybe that will be explained at some point. It's OK.

Countdown to Mystery 7 of 8 - It seems like it's been a long time since the last issue. This one's pretty fun and I enjoyed the new artist on the Spectre segment. Good Fun!


Carl V. said...

You didn't pick up House of Mystery, eh? I was really impressed with it. It had some hiccups, but overall I really enjoyed it.

If I remember right you are a fan of the pulp/noir detective stories, right? Did you see the link to the Hard Case Crimes interview on NPR that I had in my For Your Consideration post on Thursday?

David said...

Hey Carl :)
Thanks very much for the NPR link! I missed that one. You bet I'm a fan and I really dig those Glen Orbik covers you posted. I've read a couple of those Hard Case paperbacks and love the look of them.
I picked up the House of Mystery and put it back down when I remembered that I was mostly disappointed by the House of Secrets (Vertigo version) from a few years ago. But, hey... if you thought it was that good; I'll pick it up next week.

Carl V. said...

And now of course you'll hate it! Ha!

For me it really gave me a Sandman feel at the beginning, just seeing those characters. I thought they tried to do way too much in an opening issue but I liked the art quite a lot and the story was good enough that I am excited about the second issue. However I have been pretty quick to drop series lately if I feel they start going south. Don't have a lot of patience with the cost of a comic and the cost of a gallon of gas being about the same amount. :)

Glad you liked the link, I figured you would. I am really interested in reading that 50th book when it comes out.

David said...

Was just trying to find that 50 to One book on Amazon to Wish List, but didn't see it there. That does look like something I'll want to read.

Yeah, speaking of comics and the price of gas... I live an hour away from the nearest comic book shop and it looks like I'll soon be limiting my trips to once or twice a month. I'd rather cut back on gas than cut back on comics ;)

Carl V. said...

Ouch, that does make buying comics more expensive! And I certainly agree about where to cut down. In that interview he mentioned that he had not even finished 50 to 1 yet so it doesn't surprise me that it isn't listing on Amazon. I was actually surprised that they had the cover up and done on their own site.

Jeff S. said...

I see your cutting back on your weekly trips on comics to once or twice a month. I don't blame you though. Gas prices are out of control although I miss your weekly reviews. I hope you pick up House of Mystery I really enjoyed issue one. Another mini-series I've enjoyed lately although I've only read the first 2 issues is Joe Hill's Locke & Key from IDW. Nice creepy book. I picked issues 3 & 4 last night and hope to read them soon. It's only supposed to run 6 issues so atleast it's not a long commitment. You might want to check it out though. I think you might like it. I haven't read any of his novels but I might just pick up 20th Century Ghosts sometime this summer and give it a shot.