Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Short Book Reviews

Savage Sword of Conan Vol. 1 by Various - I haven't gotten much reading done with the cross country move happening, but I did take this first volume of black and white reprints from the old Conan magazine with me on the flight to Portland, OR. It was a good travel companion, though I enjoyed it more to start with than toward the end. I wouldn't exactly say if you've read one of these stories, you've read them all... but maybe if you've read a dozen or so. There's some great art here from Smith, Buscema and Acala. Good enuf for Good Fun!


Carl V. said...

Have you read any of the "new" Conan series with Tim Truman and Cary Nord? I have kept up with it up until the most recent changes on the book and have really enjoyed it. I particularly love Nord's art. One good thing about them is that they led me to pick up Howard's original Conan stories and I have loved reading them. I have one more of the Del Rey editions left to read and I've been eyeing it longingly lately.

David said...

Hey Carl!
Yeah, I really like Cary Nords stuff a lot. I haven't read all of those Conan stories he's done and want to read more.