Wednesday, August 28, 2013

SHAZAM!  Vol. 1

by Geoff Johns and Gary Frank

Geoff Johns and Gary Frank are at it again, making old heroes into something fresh. Their SUPERMAN AND THE LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES is one of the great collections of the new century. I'm a big fan of writer Johns and I have been following his work since STARS AND S.T.R.I.P.E. I'm also somewhat of a fan of Captain Marvel. I honestly had a rather negative expectations for this book. I was disheartened to learn that DC had actually given up Capt. Marvel's real name. The one he's been known for since his debut in 1939. He's known as Shazam now. I still prefer his real name but I am clearly not going to win this fight.

This book is restart for Shazam and his origin story. It's been tweaked a bit, mostly in minor ways. The end product is top-notch material, and it is among the best the New 52 has to offer. Johns and Frank have certainly made me change my mind. I completely enjoyed the book. It's a class act. I can not wait for the next volume.

Thanks to NetGalley and DC Entertainment for the free ebook in exchange for an honest review.

Strongly Recommended to all DC Universe Fans.

ARROW Vol. 1

by Marc Guggenheim & various

Pitch perfect comic book spin-off from the hit show, ARROW. Guggenheim and team come up with a professional strip that nearly matches the high quality of the TV series. Make for a nice supplemental until the new episodes premiere in Autumn. Not the best of DC's current crop but a solid edition to the line up in print. I'm a huge fan of the show and this was a nice treat. 

Thanks to NetGalley and DC Entertainment for the free ebook in exchange for an honest review.

Saturday, August 24, 2013


by Jason M. Hough

A very strong fist novel. Page-turner SF. It is hard to believe that this is Mr. Hough's first book. This is pretty much exactly everything I want in a SF title. Near future setting. High stakes. Great characters. Imaginative setting. High concept adventure. If this one is not nominated for a bunch of genre awards I will be very surprised. If the following two books live up to the promise of this one I would think we have an instant classic. 


Friday, August 16, 2013


By Mignola, Fegredo and Stewart

I love Kid Hellboy stories and it's been years since I've read one.  This is a very fine entry for the young hero. As you can guess from the title there are indeed scary clowns. You also get a variety of evil-doers, murderous ghost hobos and assorted demons. It is however only 58 pages so there's not much bang for your buck. I did enjoy reading it but for the price and content it's really only for the die-hard fanatics.


It's been a couple of years since I've read either a Hellboy or a BPRD book. I tend to read those title in a binge reading marathon once a few TPB collections are printed.

Are for the newer BPRD: HELL ON EARTH series I very much enjoyed the first two volumes. And here I am reading them out of order. Following Vol. 2 with Vol. 6. The Hell On Earth series is one long continuing story. So I'd strongly recommend reading them in order.

Even without reading Vol.s 3,4,5, I found much to enjoy in this collection. BPRD is perhaps the most consistently terrific title in comic books, pretty much since the inception of Hellboy back in 1993. That's 20 years of top-notch material. Impressive to say the least. The writing is superb, Arcudi's artwork looks like Mignola's style crossed with Herge, color by comicdom's reigning color Master which all adds up to a Premium title in the field. It's the Jaguar of comics.

I've got the bug again. I've got to catch up with my BPRD and Hellboy reading.
Strongly Recommend this series.